Terry V Baggio: Which penalty miss was worse?

Striking a stationary ball from 12 yards toward a goal that’s 8 yards wide and 8 feet high should be straightforward.  They’re professional footballers after all just doing their jobs. Missing would be like Bruce Springsteen forgetting the lyrics to a song during an arena gig. However, the immense pressure can break the most confident…

Ramos V Pique

Ramos V Pique: Who is the better defender?

Two of the best defenders on the planet. Their partnership is a major reason for Spain's international success over the past decade. However, on a club level, they're sworn enemies. Rivalry doesn't come any bigger than Real Madrid and Barcelona. While attacking talent like Ronaldo, Messi, Suarez and Bale typically steal the limelight, Pique and…

Lukaku V Mane

Lukaku V Mane: Who’s the better forward

Lukaku V Mane. With the Merseyside derby coming up, it's hard to look at either squad without fixing on the players who've really stood out for each. Lukaku has built himself into an attacking machine over the seasons since being dismissed from Chelsea. He's looking for a big move as his next step. Mane, on…

Kane v Costa

Costa v Kane: Who’s the better striker?

Costa v Kane. Two strikers that are guaranteed to be at the top of the scoring charts come the end of the season. Diego Costa and Harry Kane are critical to their team's successes. Sorry, Batshuayi and Janssen. There is no room at the Lane or Bridge for you. Chelsea and Spurs sit first and second respectively…

Pogba V Kante

Pogba V Kante: Who’s the better midfielder?

Pogba v Kante. Team mates at the beating heart of the French team, both players scored big money moves to Premiership contenders this season, both players won their respective leagues last year and both players are lauded as among the very best midfielders in the game. But who's better? N'Golo Kante Kante's a year older…

Kevin Doyle for Ireland

Whatever happened to Kevin Doyle?

It was destined to be a tug-of-war between Arsenal and Juventus. The year was 2011 and these two great European sides were apparently fighting over the chance to sign the Irish striker, Kevin Doyle. Wenger was a big of fan of the Wolves front-man. "He is generous, intelligent, has good skill and technique and likes…

MLS Cup Final

Seattle Sounders FC Overcome Odds to Win First MLS Cup

TORONTO – The Seattle Sounders won their first MLS Cup title Saturday night after a heroic performance from Swiss goalkeeper Stefan Frei. The Sounders played without their most recognisable player, Clint Dempsey, in below-freezing temperatures for what will go down as one of the most improbable victories in Major League Soccer’s 21-year history. After being…

Dogs or cats

Do Dogs or Cats make better pets?

 The age old battle. Dogs OR cats. who makes the better pet? Dogs or cats. Let's draw the lines clearly. Which one makes you feel happier? Which one takes care of you better? which one's love is worth more? um, how much do they cost? famous examples?   Dogs make better pets Adam Doyle @adamdoyle99…


Was Michael Collins wrong to sign the Anglo-Irish treaty?

100 years after the 1916 rising, we ask if Michael Collins and his comrades were naive to sign the Anglo-Irish Treaty.  Michael Collins and co. were shortsighted This may be an unpopular opinion as we're currently commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the 2016 Easter Rising. Firstly, I'm not suggesting that Ireland should have never gained independence from the…