Dogs or cats

Do Dogs or Cats make better pets?

 The age old battle. Dogs OR cats. who makes the better pet? Dogs or cats. Let's draw the lines clearly. Which one makes you feel happier? Which one takes care of you better? which one's love is worth more? um, how much do they cost? famous examples?   Dogs make better pets Adam Doyle @adamdoyle99…


Was Michael Collins wrong to sign the Anglo-Irish treaty?

100 years after the 1916 rising, we ask if Michael Collins and his comrades were naive to sign the Anglo-Irish Treaty.  Michael Collins and co. were shortsighted This may be an unpopular opinion as we're currently commemorating the 100 year anniversary of the 2016 Easter Rising. Firstly, I'm not suggesting that Ireland should have never gained independence from the…

How will TTIP effect us?

What is TTIP and should you be really scared?

TTIP, or the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership is a group of trade negotiations being carried out between the United States and EU, all behind closed doors. Basically, TTIP is reducing the regulatory barriers for big business to trading between the US and EU.  Environment, Banking, Food safety,  and the individual powers of EU nations…