About Pollemma

Pollemma is more than just another Irish football blog. Pollemma is dedicated to looking at the stories not trending on twitter. We look closely at the real heart of the game. The smaller teams, the inner-workings of the great and lesser-known players alike. Pollemma is interested in the game of football in all the areas its played. In all its incarnations. The scandals, the characters, the myths and the legends.  From Ibrahimovic to Denis Irwin. From Carlos Alberto to George Weah’s cousin, we have the inside track.

Irish football blog
Irish football blog

Though only scarcely a year old, we’ve already made a great splash as a football blog. Talking about the game in Iran, Italy, Ireland and The USA.  But it won’t stop there. We’re determined to bring an even greater range of football news so you don’t miss the more fascinating aspects of the game. Wherever and whenever they may be.  Already one of the top football blogs 2016. We’ve moved from a football blogspot account to getting mentioned in many American football blogs (not nfl blogs). Already one of Ireland’s top soccer blogs, youth soccer blogs and one of the most successful blogs 2015

Formed out of the idea for an Ireland football forum for great sports journalism, trying to improve on the likes of foot.ie ireland. We’ve gone deep, researching football stories you might not have heard of before in an Irish football blog. Whether we’re singing ‘Come on you boys in green’ from the terraces or commenting on the gust forum (or foot.ie forum) you acn take it as read we probably care about football a little too much.

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But yeah, we’re one of those Irish football blogs looking for writers. If you have an idea for an article that you feel would be interesting/amusing/educational/controversial/weird/ridiculous, please get in touch on Twitter or Facebook.

May the footballing gods shine brightly on your team!