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Man United vs Liverpool

By John Boyne

This shouldn’t even be up for debate. United is the most decorated club in the history of the English game. Over the past two decades, our dominance over the bottlers from Liverpool has become embarrassing. They haven’t won a Premier League title for feck sake. They’ve had 25 chances and couldn’t win one. When the title was in their grasp, their supposed best player of all time pulled off the greatest slip of all time.

Mourinho will bring United back to the top of the English and European game. Liverpool fans have become delusional once again over another false dawn. Klopp’s only tactic is to run his players in to the ground. The co-founder of this site is a Liverpool supporter. I blame his father for the choice to support such a substandard team. Years and years of disappointment have led him to becoming a very bitter ABU. I have enjoyed too many victorious nights to mention here.

This blog will prove once and for all that United are a few classes above the Scousers. Liverpool fans like to talk about past glory days, but those days were before the internet even existed so a blog would have been possible. Nearly all Liverpool fans believe that they’re always on the cusp of greatness. Their empty trophy cabinet would suggest otherwise. United is the biggest team in the world and a naive and foolish Liverpool supporter will never be able to prove otherwise.


Lukaku v Mane
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Liverpool v Man Utd. You can’t buy class. Say no more.

By @deathbeforeunited

Liverpool’s pedigree stands out among the greats of the game.  5 European Cups. 18 titles. 7 FA Cups. Liverpool is a side spanning decades, with loyal followers who bleed for the game. Manchester United is a side with fans from everywhere except Manchester. Fans who supported Chelsea last season and will be caught wearing a City shirt on the beach next year. Their entire history is down to two managers and a handful of massively overrated players mythologised beyond belief.

Alex Ferguson built United around his own ego for more than a decade, and now we’re witnessing the fallout. And what a sight it is to behold. A club that praises itself for finishing 6th and winning the Europa cup. A side that spends 100 million on a player and then refuses to acknowledge he’s a flop. A side that pays almost as much for a proven Chelsea flop. Meanwhile Klopp slowly builds. Anyone who knows his game from Dortmund knows that careful, considered tactical progress towards success is what he’s all about. The Germans know about winning. Mourinho still hasn’t learned how to take points from a game without parking the bus. You don’t win leagues that way.


Mkhitaryan V Sadio Mane


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