James and Isco

VOTE NOW: Isco V James. Who is better?

The Champions League final perfectly portrayed Isco and James’ constrasting fortunes. While Isco played an integral role in the demolition job on Juventus, James couldn’t even make the bench. Both players like to play in an attacking role. Zidane clearly favours Isco with James reportedly heading for the door. Two world-class attacking midfielder but who…

Dan Leydon

The stunning football illustrations of Dan Leydon

Football coverage has changed. No longer are fans happy with the same high contrast tele-photo lens shots from the sidelines. We want to get closer to the players. We know them better. And we want to play with this a little bit. Football illustration has grown to become one of the biggest movements in coverage of…

Kane scores for Spurs

Is Harry Kane the best striker in the world?

By 'Rob Doyle' Full disclosure: I’m a Spurs fan. That might help explain the sensationalist headline. However, it also gives me insight in to why I feel Kane has become world-class. I’ve seen firsthand how our talisman has developed over the past few seasons. It’s not a coincidence that Kane’s arrival on the scene had…