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Which of these players is worth more?

1. Paul Pogba Having joined on a then world record fee, Pogba strained to convince in his early days with Manchester United.  In fairness to the Frenchman, it caused many to overlook a barnstorming season where he immediately proved himself among the highest performers in the league.  With Matic alongside him this season, Pogba is…

Lukaku V Mane

Lukaku V Mane: Who’s the better forward

Lukaku V Mane. With the Merseyside derby coming up, it's hard to look at either squad without fixing on the players who've really stood out for each. Lukaku has built himself into an attacking machine over the seasons since being dismissed from Chelsea. He's looking for a big move as his next step. Mane, on…

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Ibrahimovic v Aguero: Who’s scored more goals?

It already looks like Ibrahimovic v aguero  is going to be the main striker rivalry this season (with nothing but respect to Sturridge, Lukaku, Giroud, Vardy and Kane), but how do they rate against one another historically? Let's compare in terms of: Club goals scored to games played International goals Titles won   Ibrahimovic v Aguero: Club Goals…