Write for us

Write for us

So you want to write for football websites? Pollemma.com is one of Ireland’s fastest growing football blogs. Covering everything from the game here at home to how it’s played as far afield as Iran and Malaysia, and delving back into the glories of bygone years. The only thing it takes is a gripping story and the beautiful game. Would you like to write football articles for us?

Pollemma’s aim

We’re starting to push boundries with Pollemma. Creating a place to share original stories and photos to convey the best of the game and what it can mean at every level and to every fan.

If you’d like to contribute a one-off article or write regularly for us, then Pollemma is where you can try the stories which mean something to you, that other sites might shy away from. what we’re looking for is passion. From Tibet to Galway via Adelaide and Tehran, from Serie A to wet, freezing nights pitchside in Finglas, football is the world’s sport. Football’s heart is universal, wherever you live and whichever team you cheer on, if you care enough to write about your football passion, if you want to write for us, we’d love to hear from you.

What Pollemma is looking for

1) Opinions and articles on football anywhere around the world at any level. You can include lists, videos, photos, illustrations and whatever’s needed to tell the tale. We don’t just want stories about the top five European leagues. we want to hear about Women’s football, youth football, football history and scandal. We want analysis of games in every country on earth.

2) Specific knowledge. Are you uniquely positioned to write about a particular football topic? Are you a youth team coach or do you design boots? Have you lived for the Norwegian league your whole life? This is the place for you. Get in touch, we’d love to hear your thoughts!

3) Football history and social commentary. Have you chased footballs across pitches with kids in Africa or trained an after work team in a factory town? Do you know the history of your club inside out and what it means to your area? We’d love to know about it too.

Submit your article to Pollemma

If you want to write for us football fans, you can email an article, an anecdote, video or collection of football photos to:


An article should run to 500 words minimum and if you’re submitting a photo galleries, we’d need at least four pictures, unless the photos are incredible. Of all football blogs looking for writers, we’re giving you the most open brief.

You can check out some good examples of the kinds of articles we like here, here and here.

We do ask that you only send your piece to us exclusively, and that it not be available elsewhere online (we’d prefer not to see it in onefootball two weeks later!). Unfortunately we can’t offer any paid football writing jobs, yet, but if your submission is a success, we’ll give full credit to you and include any appropriate links to your own website and/or social media accounts.

We look forward very much to hearing from you.